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Anatolia, which is unique in terms of historical accumulation compared to other geographies of the world, has also
reflected this historical wealth to the cultural structure of the societies living in the region. This situation raises the
history of Anatolia to a unique level within the world history, and it also imposes great responsibilities on the
historians who writes this history. Based on this responsibility, this study, which was formed under the title of
"Economic and Agricultural Life in the Ancient Ages of the Anatolia" by the contributions of academicians who
are specialized in the field of ancient history in our country, will be a source of reference for this area. In this
study, there are valuable chapters on the social structure based on commercial development and human labor
which is formed by settled life. The authors, who contributed to this study, presented their accumulations to the
benefit of the readers. For readers, this study contains general information about the economic and agricultural life
and the social and political relations with neighboring regions of Anatolia in the antiquity. It also includes detailed
explanations, which are especially tailored by our writers according to their areas of expertise.

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